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The Dream Explanatorium
welcome visitor   this website
"We are such stuff as dreams are made of; and our little life is rounded with sleep", Shakespeare once wrote. Dreams are as much part of our (little) lives as everything else we encounter, and they occupy about at least 25% of our time. For The Dream Explanatorium this is reason enough to present this no nonsense information and entertainment product to internet users.
Everybody dreams. It is a normal and necessary function of the body. So if you think you don't dream you probably just don't remember. Perhaps, the most prominent reason why people forget their dreams is that they don't want to remember. And that's exactly where The Dream Explanatorium comes in!!!
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  On almost every page you will find an extensive list of links to related dream subjects: not that The Dream Explanatorium is in tune with most of them, but we want to offer the internet the broadest information possible. If you want to view all the links on one page, here is our Complete Dream Link List. You can also Search this Site for keywords. You are welcome to Email us for all your questions, comments, complaints and contributions. You can also use our Guestbook, involve yourself in our Dream Sharing Project, request to be Linked and apply for our Web Award. We want to thank everybody who contributed to this web site for their time, inspiration and, without a doubt, their dreams.
The Dream Explanatorium is an internet project realised and coordinated by The Somniloquy Institute.
history of dream analysis   freud & dreams
People have always had an interest in dreams. The Babylonians, 5000 years B. C., had a Goddess of Dreams, Mamu, and a book for interpreting dreams. The Egyptians, in 3000 B.C., also had a God of Dreams, Serpis, and famous people, like Joseph from the bible, were dream interpreters. They even had self-help techniques for inducing certain dreams. They thought, as we do now, that dreams were able to satisfy some of our psychological needs and could change our mood.
Read all about it on the concise History of Dream Analysis page.
  Of course, The Dream Explanatorium will not leave out the undisputable achievements in the field of dream intepretation Professor Doctor Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), founder of psychoanalysis. For your convenience you can search an abstract of his famous and infamous The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) for keywords to familiarise yourself with the material - without having to read the whole book! No professional psychoanalist leaves home without it.
Here you can also learn how to interpret and Analyse your Own Dreams with Freud's method. A must for anyone interested in the true meaning of dreams!!!
common misconceptions   dream survey   quotes on dreams
On this page you will find an article called Common Misconceptions about Dreams (1975) from a pamphlet by Professor Dr. Diva E. Foldebrun, who became renown for her cruisade against the mystification of the dream and its contents, and against the malpractise of psychologists without a certificate in the early 70's.   What would a serious dream related web site be without it? With this Dream Survey we are trying to gain more knowledge about the quality and quantity of common dream themes of our visitors. Your contribution will be much appreciated! The Dream Survey Results so far are more than worth a visit.   What did Bob Dylan, Marcel Proust, Franz Kafka, William Burroughs, Heraclites and Lyndon B. Johnson have to say about dreams?
Dreams have always been a great source of inspiration for the arts, and our favourite famous and not so famous Quotes on Dreams collection proves it.
typical dreams   mme. zelda's machine
Trough the ages, and across the cultures, we all seem to have the same Typical Dreams. The Dream Explanatorium will help you to get those teeth back in your mouth with Help! My Teeth are Falling out!. And gives an interpretation of a dream even Freud couldn't figure out: Help! I'm Flying!. Don't be afraid to flunk the Help! I'm Going to Fail the Test! test. No doubt we all dreamt this one: Help! I'm Naked!. Read all about you secret death wishes in Help! My Relatives are Dying!. And have you ever wondered if you were insane? Read about it in Help! I want to Sleep with my Mother... and Kill my Father! - and stop worrying about it.   And last but not least The Dream Explanatorium challenges you to try our newest feature: Madane Zelda's Dream Interpretation Machine. It's a free and private online dream interpretation service that is based on a machine that the mysterious Madame Zelda placed in the tumultuous streets of Paris in 1964, on twelve different locations. We have reconstructed this extraordinary device from Zelda's notorious dream analysis thesis Au Bout de la Rêve (1962). Just write down a concise version of your dream, push a button and amaze yourself!!!

The Dream Explanatorium© is created and coordinated by The Somniloquy Institute.

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